Our Core Values

A. Community participation
NRHS builds trust and ownership by communities on its research and programmes. NRHS involves
communities to identify and prioritize their needs, and to design, implement, evaluate and improve
research and programmes.
B. Collaboration
NRHS works together with various stakeholders such as universities, agencies, Ministry of health and
community service organizations to achieve its goals.
C. Commitment to Evidence
NRHS conducts innovative and cutting-edge research that addresses the needs of communities.
NRHS translates research findings to inform policy development and implementation of innovative
D. Accountability
NRHS is committed to ethical principles, transparency and integrity in all its operations
E. Innovation & Sustainability
Sustainability is a core value of our organization, not just for the organization, but it drives the
research we do and the programmes we create which have the purpose to be continual.
F. Diversity
NRHS recognizes, respects and values differences based on ethnicity, gender, age, race, religion,
disability and sexual orientation