2016 Annual report

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In 2016, NRHS continued its core mandate of serving communities through programs and conducting researches within the realms of HIV/AIDS. Most of its activities were carried out in Homabay and Kisumu counties with one of the projects extending to Siaya and Kakamega counties. NRHS worked jointly with the Ministry of Health and other relevant government ministries and bodies.
During the year 2016, NRHS like in the previous year, continued with the scale up of VMMC services as an HIV prevention intervention. Studies into infant circumcision service provision models and acceptability were also conducted in Homabay and Kisumu counties.
Prepex for infants’ circumcision device was pioneered in kenya through a pilot safety and sustainability study conducted at UNIM Research and Training Centre in Lumumba Sub County Hospital, Kisumu. At UNIM, HIV testing services and STI screening and syndromic treatment were offered to all clients. Other projects carried out during the year at UNIM RTC included the PrePex adult device wound healing study on HIV positive men and provision of early infant male medical circumcision.
The SHAPE-LVB project on integration of family planning into community environmental conservation programs was successfully completed in 2016 and closed out. Funding for the projects were grants from NIH, DfID USAID and CDC, either directly or indirectly through sub-awards from the following organisations: UIC, EHPSA, IRDO and FACES. NRHS worked closely with the MoH and NASCOP in implementing its projects and was a key member of VMMC and Key populations’ technical working groups (TWGs) at county, regional and national levels.
NRHS was, during the year, privileged and honoured to have both local and international fora through scientific conferences and other meetings to showcase its various works. The highlight of the year was presentations at the 21st IAS conference held at Durban, South Africa.
2016 was a year of much success for the organisation. All the achievements would not have been met were it not for the very supportive and focussed Board of Directors, the diligent and dedicated staff who sacrifice a lot to ensure the organisation meets its objective, donors without whom much of the resources would be lacking, partner organisations with whom the organisation share’s lessons with, the MoH and government agencies who provide oversight and most importantly, the communities who provide the platform for providing services. We look forward to fostering stronger relationships in the coming year.

Thank you.

Dr. Edmon Obat.

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