Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) Program


Male circumcision program which targets uncircumcised males of ages 10-49


Edmon  Obat (NRHS)




Service provision ongoing

Program Sites

Nyakach sub county, Kisumu East sub-county, Kasipul-Kabondo sub-county, Kasipul sub-county, Rachuonyo North sub-county


PEPFAR through CDC


Provision of VMMC as a comprehensive package(minimum package for VMMC) in prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission through sexual contact


This is a divisional static and/or mobile team based VMMC service delivery where prospective clients walk in or are actively mobilized and brought into the health facilities by dedicated peer educators or mobilizers. The divisional teams offering services comprise of two clinicians, a hygiene officer, a counselor, a driver and a mobilizer.Th clients are offered the minimum package of VMMC which includes: 1) HIV counseling and testing, Behavioural cgange communication, distribution of condoms, screening and testing for STI’s and medical male circumcision under Local Anaesthesia.

Target Population

Uncircumcised males of ages 10-49 years

Population Size

Uncircumcised men within the eligible age groups

Program Aims

1. To medically circumcise males of 10-49 years of age as a preventive measure against HIV transmission.

2. To provide safer medical male circumcision to the general population

3. To equip the health workers within the organization operation areas with the technical capacity to provide quality medical male circumsion

4. To help address issues affecting the male and female reproductive system

5.To capacity build the MoH staff at supervisory level on how to do quality assurance and quality improvement

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