SHAPE-LVB is a project implemented by the Nyanza Reproductive Health Society (NRHS) to  provide technical assistance in capacity building and training to its local NGO partners (LNPs) to integrate community-based family planning (CBFP) into their on-going population, health and environment (PHE) programs, an approach aimed at  improving health and livelihoods, conserving and increasing equitable use of   available natural resources, and reducing the population pressures and environmental degradation caused by increasing human numbers in Kenya’s Lake Victoria Basin (LVB).

The key feature of SHAPE-LVB approach is based on achieving the outcomes that will install family planning utilizations as a major contributor to establishing a balanced and regulated population growth, healthy living and environmental sustainability that will eventually translate into individual, household, family, societal, and national prosperity.

Lake Victoria Basin Commission

SHAPE-LVB project is technically backstopped and facilitated by the Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC).The LVBC is an East African Community (EAC) body responsible for the sustainable management of the Lake Victoria Basin (LVB). The LVBC recognizes that challenges of population, health and environment in the LVB need to be addressed concurrently in an integrated manner in order to build synergies necessary to realize accelerated conservation and health impacts...

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